What your children will be doing on the site:
Getting Involved with Tzedakah

• They will choose and support meaningful causes of their choice that they care   about 

• They will be able to log in to the social Network and see who else else is involved   with that cause (by screen names)

• Blog about their Tzedakah experiences on our social network as well as share their Mitzvah projects ideas and Divrei Torah 

• Learn, create and share videos of donor reflections, cause descriptions and Jewish values

• Encourage friends and families to give Tzedakah and community service


Once their profile is ready to go you, they will become part of our social networking community. They will have access to blog entries, videos, jewish music podcasts, contests, resources and a host of other positive vibrations. 

They will:

Raise their consciousness
Transform the world
Create positive vibrations
Learn to become more thoughtful in their lives


Dear Parents,

First of all we extend a deep felt honor to you (Kol Hakavode) for raising a child that has taken an interest in Charitable giving (Tzedakah). As you might have read by now, part of our mission is to empower the next generation of contributors to Learn and experience the Mitzvah of Tzedakah. This makes it critical to the process that your child makes the final decisions as to where he or she would like their Tzedakah funds allocated.

As our methodology features the use of the internet and social networking as a method of community building, we understand that a parent could be concerned and feel vulnerable to internet predators. However, we have found a way to dissolve that fear by using a basic understanding in Jewish wisdom, namely the fact that giving anonymously is a higher level of giving. In order to preserve the intention to raise our consciousness to higher levels, every member of JChoice chooses their own screen name (which is not their real name).

However, In order send and receive emails and messages within JChoice, one must set up a JChoice account by entering and confirming their real name information. This data is kept in confidence and secure within our own internal data and is not attainable outside of our corporation. Should there be any abuse in the system or inappropriate correspondence or postings, we will be notified immediately and hold the culprit accountable, resulting in the termination of their account if they are found to have engaged in malicious behavior.

On a separate note, I hope that you take advantage of our Inspiration and wisdom pages found in "The JMix" as more lessons and resources grow within. You are also welcome to form your own profile and give to the causes of YOUR choice. It is a fascinating endeavor to discover how your values are aligned with your children and how sometimes, they are different. We believe at JChoice that life is for learning and growing. This website is intended to be a tool not just for transforming the world to a better place, but building your own sense of Jewish values and identity as you undergo our own transformations and transcend to be the most whole kind of person that you were meant to be.

Please contact us any time and give us feedback on how this process has affected your life and if you have any questions or comments. Pride (Nachas) to you in all of your endeavors and May you go forward in strength on your own journeys of repairing the world (Tikkun Olam).


Joshua Troderman
President & CEO



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