Getting Involved with JChoice!
The JChoice vision is to encourage hundreds of thousands of young Jews to donate on a regular basis to hundreds of needy Causes, and to teach the donors more about the Commandment of Tzedakah, and its role in their lives.

We ask our adult partners to foster participation in the JChoice experience.

Parents, let your children join, give, and make choices of which they can be proud.  And help us by donating to your child’s account.  This act of charity will have a extra meaning in your family, because it involves your children in your own charitable activities.

Friends and other family, help us at the time of lifecycle events.  Give to the child’s account.  Buy a JCard.  It’s so easy:

If a JChoice member asks you to donate to JChoice, go to the member’s JChoice profile.  There, you’ll see a profile which includes the member’s favorite Causes.  Click the Donate Now button on the member’s page for a contribution to the account.  You do NOT have to sign in or be a JChoice member to donate to an account.

The JChoice member will be notified of your contribution, and will then allocate your gift to a favorite Cause.


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