Immediate relief for Haiti - 100% of all donations will support efforts for this Stop Hunger Now program.
  • A Massive Effort to assist the earthquake victims in Haiti by delivering packaged meals right now!

  • Monday, January 25, 2010

  • Haiti Crisis Relief in Action

    Stop Hunger Now is on the ground in Haiti – have been since 1998 and will continue to be there as long as they need our help. 


    We are committed to helping the people of Haiti now and as they rebuild.


    In the last four years alone, we have sent more than six million meals and more than $4 million worth of medical supplies, medical equipment, blankets and other assistance to Haiti. 


    Our primary partners in Haiti are Mission of Hope, a USAID organization that runs school feeding programs and poverty relief programs, and Haiti Outreach Ministries, which runs three schools and churches.


    SHN shipped 1.5 million meals to Haiti two months ago, which Mission of Hope and Haiti Outreach Ministries are using to feed 50,000 people each day.


    In response to the earthquake, Stop Hunger Now has received 200 tons of aid supplies for Haiti. 

    ·    157,416 bottles of purified water 

    ·    120,960 cans of precooked chicken and roast beef

    ·    5,800 pounds of long grain rice

    ·    570,240 Stop Hunger Now rice-soy meals prepared at meal packaging events


    SHN is also assisting with coordinating the transportation and distribution of more than 56 tons of medical supplies and blankets being collected through the North Carolina Conference of the United Methodist Church.

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