Village Health Works

Organization: Village Health Works
Our mission is to provide quality, compassionate health care in a dignified environment while treating the root causes of illness, disease, violence and neglect.
Members and Groups who Support this Cause


Location of Program's Recipients:
Kigutu, Burundi
Who Benefits from Support:
250,000 men, women and children
Fast Fact:
Our Boys Drumming Group/Girls Choir, are recognized as some of the most talented in the region and use their gifts to provide valuable Public Health messages.
Raised: $3,606
Needed: $-3,606


    Posted by bruuce333bruuce333 on 25 Jun 2012
    Great job Alex on supporting this fantastic cause!

Tweets by @VHW

Village Health Works @VHWOct 12

"By forcing governments and others to really look at health systems, it’s revealing opportunities for change."…

Village Health Works @VHWOct 09

RT @peaceofhealth: Join us this Sat 9 am pacific as Dr. Cynthia Li and I host a Conversation With Deo Niyizonkiza of @VHW…

Village Health Works @VHWOct 08

We're thrilled to share a new study by our M&E director @eodjidja looking at the importance of implementing integra…

Village Health Works @VHWOct 06

This was a big week! We started painting and finished the roof (just in time for the rainy season)!

Village Health Works @VHWSep 29

Progress on the WHP continues with a goal of opening phase 1 in 2021. At our core is the belief that that global he…

Village Health Works @VHWSep 24

VHW will participates in "Partnership in the Time of Covid-19" panel at @PWRDF Annual General Meeting with…

Village Health Works @VHWSep 24

Congratulations to our very own @eodjidja on being recognized as an Emerging Leader by the @RSTMH . We're proud to…

Village Health Works @VHWSep 24

RT @RSTMH: 📢 Many #Congratulations to @eodjidja who it was announced yesterday has been awarded the prestigious #RSTMH #EmergingLeaders Awa…

Village Health Works @VHWSep 17

Thank you @ELMAPhilanthro , @PWRDF , and so many others for helping to protect our health workers so they can fight…

Village Health Works @VHWSep 09

Our community is our largest and most important donor.

Village Health Works @VHWAug 27

Last summer, 1,000 runners ran the Kigutu Half Marathon. The grueling race had an elevation gain of 2,500 ft. and t…

Village Health Works @VHWAug 25

When the @KigutuAcademy opens this fall it will develop and test a model of secondary education that will transform…

Village Health Works @VHWAug 24

Everyday we move closer to opening the WHP, which will provide safe surgery, the essential tools to fight Covid (an…

Village Health Works @VHWAug 14

Covid is causing severe disruptions in advanced economies and will cause even greater upheaval in more fragile sett…

Village Health Works @VHWAug 14

There’s nothing like mornings at our preschool, especially when Renovat joins in on the fun!

Village Health Works @VHWAug 13

Today the Kigutu Hospital and Women's Health Pavilion is 80% complete! When it opens it will fundamentally transf…

Village Health Works @VHWAug 11

VHW has created a robust primary care system and community health program, providing an array of programs addressin…

Village Health Works @VHWJul 31

Check out our Quarterly Impact Report and learn more about how we're working to improve lives, build resilient comm…

Village Health Works @VHWJul 30

We have gone from approximately 10k patient consultations in 2008 to almost 50k consultations in 2019. These number…

Village Health Works @VHWJul 23

We just finished priming the Kigutu Hospital and Women's Health Pavilion. What color do you think we'll paint it?!

Village Health Works @VHWJul 23

Thank you @PWRDF and @CanadaDev for your support!

Village Health Works @VHWNov 12

RT @nowthisnews: Deo Niyizonkiza survived civil war in Burundi and escaped genocide in Rwanda. Now he’s helping communities heal from the t…


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