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Dr. Carol K. Ingall is the Dr. Bernard Heller Professor of Jewish Education at The Jewish Theological Seminary. Her areas of expertise are curriculum and instruction, affording her opportunities to teach both theoretical and applied courses that explore what constitutes effective Jewish education.

Dr. Ingall's research includes moral education in Jewish schools, the history of Jewish education, and the synthesis of student-centered instruction and Jewish cultural literacy. In 1999, her book Transmission and Transformation: A Jewish Perspective on Moral Education (Melton Research Center) was honored with the National Jewish Book Award. Her other books include Maps, Metaphors and Mirrors: Moral Education in Middle Schools (Ablex, 1997) and A Leader’s Guide to Jewish Moral Virtues (Jewish Publication Society, 1999). Her latest book is Down the Up Staircase: Tales From Teaching in Jewish Day Schools (JTS Press), a longitudinal study of the careers of three aspiring day-school teachers. Her current research involves the creation of an anthology about women who made significant contributions to American Jewish education.

Dr. Ingall has written numerous articles for The Journal of Jewish Education and Religious Education. She has presented papers at the Network for Research in Jewish Education, the Association of Jewish Studies, the Association for Moral Education, and the World Congress of Jewish Studies. In May 2002, she was the scholar-in-residence at Leo Baeck College in London.

Dr. Ingall received bachelor's degrees from Barnard College and the Seminary College of Jewish Studies (a forerunner of JTS's Albert A. List College of Jewish Studies). She holds master's degrees from the University of Chicago and the University of Rhode Island. She received her EdD from Boston University.


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