Sole4Souls Community Center in Haiti

Organization: Soles4Souls
Soles4Souls is a global not-for-profit institution dedicated to fighting the devastating impact and perpetuation of poverty.
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Soles4Souls distributes in the US and in 127 different countries
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We have distributed over 20 million pairs of shoes to people in need
Fast Fact:
Did you know that most children in other countries cannot go to school without a pair of shoes?
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Tweets by @Soles4Souls

Soles4Souls @Soles4SoulsAug 23

"It was an incredible week—we were able to give shoes to kids and adults in various communities, ultimately saving…

Soles4Souls @Soles4SoulsAug 21

Jumping for joy in their fresh kicks.👟

Soles4Souls @Soles4SoulsAug 20

This adorable brother and sister pair spent the entire summer collecting used shoes! Zayne and Lydia, thanks for he…

Soles4Souls @Soles4SoulsAug 19

RT @ISUathletes: Cyclones are in Ecuador!! We have just finished up our tour of the capital city, Quito, and have our first shoe distributi…

Soles4Souls @Soles4SoulsAug 19

RT @JoannaBeaton: Ecuador is a beautiful, special place — I am so thankful to be here with a group of my students & the @Soles4Souls organi…

Soles4Souls @Soles4SoulsAug 17

Do you love online shopping? iGive has over 2,100 stores for you to shop while giving back to Soles4Souls. Get star…

Soles4Souls @Soles4SoulsAug 15

Our travel trips are so much more than giving new shoes to people in need. They're about creating real human connec…

Soles4Souls @Soles4SoulsAug 15

#Richmond, join us for the 2nd Annual Soles4Souls Night with the @GoSquirrels on 8/21! They will be collecting new…

Soles4Souls @Soles4SoulsAug 14

Clarence isn't going to let homelessness get in the way of his career. Thanks to you, his brand new work boots will…

Soles4Souls @Soles4SoulsAug 13

Meet Aubry, a high schooler in Malawi. His mother grew vegetables to pay for his schooling, but her crops failed. T…

Soles4Souls @Soles4SoulsAug 11

Grab your passports and get a behind the scenes look at the Nashville Predators 5th international distribution trip…

Soles4Souls @Soles4SoulsAug 08

Did you know? We accept shoes of all types and sizes! Find an easy way to donate here:

Soles4Souls @Soles4SoulsAug 07

“I have eight children. Getting these shoes means the world to me, because it wouldn’t be possible for us otherwise…

Soles4Souls @Soles4SoulsAug 06

Life without shoes makes one vulnerable to disease. Every day millions are exposed to unsanitary conditions that ca…

Soles4Souls @Soles4SoulsAug 04

Spreading love one shoe at a time. 💙👟

Soles4Souls @Soles4SoulsAug 02

Make a stop by @dsw_us this weekend to donate your used shoes! They'll gift you with VIP reward points when you do.…

Soles4Souls @Soles4SoulsJul 30

#InternationalFriendshipDay is 8/4, and we have the perfect way to celebrate while raising money for S4S!…

Soles4Souls @Soles4SoulsJul 28

“Give a person a fish, they eat for a day; teach a person to fish and they eat for a lifetime.” Micro-enterprise m…

Soles4Souls @Soles4SoulsJul 27

Our service trips include giving back while exploring all the country has to offer! See our upcoming adventures her…

Soles4Souls @Soles4SoulsJul 24

"Reginald said he feels so blessed to get these shoes. He is starting a new job doing what he loves ⁠— cooking. His…

Soles4Souls @Soles4SoulsJul 24

RT @PredsNHL: Enjoying each day in Colombia 💛 #Preds | @Soles4Souls

Soles4Souls @Soles4SoulsJul 23

Shoes offer a simple solution to some big problems. When people’s basic needs are met, their world begins to change.

Soles4Souls @Soles4SoulsJul 21

Thanks to @ZapposforGood, we offer FREE shipping of the shoes and clothing you no longer need! Get started here:…


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