Save Our Shores

Organization: Save Our Shores
Caring for the marine environment through ocean awareness, advocacy, and citizen action.

Location of Program's Recipients:
Along the Monterey Bay National Marine Sanctuary
Who Benefits from Support:
Any life dependent on the Monterey Bay and the surrounding coastal economy
Fast Fact:
60,000 plastic bags and 2 million plastic beverage bottles are discarded in the US every 5 seconds, and plastic NEVER fully breaks down
Raised: $234
Needed: $17,766


Tweets by @saveourshores

Save Our Shores @SaveOurShoresApr 20

8 years ago exploratory oil rig Deepwater Horizon exploded: @SecretaryZinke should reverse course on his radical pl…

Save Our Shores @SaveOurShoresApr 13

The winner of our 2018 #WavesandWildlife #photocompetition will receive 2 free tickets for an excursion with…

Save Our Shores @SaveOurShoresApr 13

RT @thehill: Trump may weaken rule protecting threatened species

Save Our Shores @SaveOurShoresApr 12

RT @HuffPostGreen: A young male sperm whale found dead off the coast of Spain died from ingesting a huge quantity of trash.…

Save Our Shores @SaveOurShoresApr 10

RT @EcoWatch: Proposed Rule Change Would Be 'Death Sentence' for Nearly 300 Species, Activists Warn #EndangeredSpec…

Save Our Shores @SaveOurShoresApr 09

RT @GQMagazine: .@Rosecrans Baldwin profiles @Patagonia founder Yvon Chouinard, who’s doing everything he can to fight back against the “ev…

Save Our Shores @SaveOurShoresApr 05

RT @SaveOurShores: @CaliforniaDFW announced that it has extended commercial #rockcrab fishing range. Learn more at:…

Save Our Shores @SaveOurShoresApr 04

Our 3rd Waves and Wildlife photo competition has begun! Send us your best shots of the many amazing marine protecte…

Save Our Shores @SaveOurShoresApr 04

RT @MontereyAq: Whale done diving into the week—you’ve made it to #HumpbackDay!

Save Our Shores @SaveOurShoresApr 02

RT @BBCEarth: Could you walk around with 12kg of plastic in your stomach? #OurBluePlanet #BluePlanet2

Save Our Shores @SaveOurShoresApr 02

RT @sjsharkie: Was able to have some "me time" before the @SharksCare @SaveOurShores @Plantronics beach cleanup today. #NoSurfersWereHarme…

Save Our Shores @SaveOurShoresMar 29

We handed out reusable produce bags and had folks sign a pledge to encourage community members to #ditchplastic sin…

Save Our Shores @SaveOurShoresMar 28

Climate change is threatening our coastal ecosystems, wildlife, and communities. Help address this problem by suppo…

Save Our Shores @SaveOurShoresMar 28

Get excited about our 3rd annual Waves and Wildlife photo competition! We'll start accepting entries THIS Sunday, A…

Save Our Shores @SaveOurShoresMar 27

#EarthDay is less than a month away! Play your part and sign up for one of our cleanups on Sunday, April 22. Go to…

Save Our Shores @SaveOurShoresMar 26

RT @EcoWatch: Deep Sea Mining Decisions: Approaching the Point of No Return @cleantechnica @worldresources @Climate…

Save Our Shores @SaveOurShoresMar 21

RT @EcoWatch: Ocean Plastic Projected to Triple Within Seven Years @Oceana @PlasticPollutes @WWF @Greenpeace @story…

Save Our Shores @SaveOurShoresMar 15

RT @TheCACoast: Doing your California taxes? Check the box for the Protect Our Coast & Oceans Fund. Learn more at h…

Save Our Shores @SaveOurShoresMar 12

This #MPAMondays feature is the snowy egret. Find out more about this local species at…

Save Our Shores @SaveOurShoresMar 10

Oh this #HappyFriday do your part to protect nature by commenting on the Trump's draft oil proposal that will open…

Save Our Shores @SaveOurShoresMar 08

Join us at @discretionbrewing THIS Saturday and support Save Our Shores by purchasing some Submarine Canyon IPA. A…

Save Our Shores @SaveOurShoresMar 07

Join our national day of action - call your Congressional Representative TODAY to say “Do not let Trump expand offs…

Save Our Shores @SaveOurShoresMar 06

RT @BBCWorld: Diver swims through thick soup of plastic waste near Bali


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