Transportation for Disabled Elders
  • Click provides vital services such as transportation to the Day Care Center so that disabled elderly can maintain active independent living in their local community.

  • Thursday, June 4, 2009


    See it all on youtube: "A Small Touch to the Heart" Broadcasted on national television channel 2 17.12.08 Employees from the head office of the "Shufer Sal" national super market company from Rishon Le Zion, participated in a SAVI handicraft community workshop, operated by CLICK. The workshop was filmed by the Channel 2 television crew for the program "A Small Touch to the Heart", hosted by Didi Harari. Together with the elders from the "Gil Amal" Community Day Center for the elders they danced, sang, sewed and glued hand puppets, pillows, dolls and pictures to be donated to Ethiopian children in need. This was an opportunity to do something amazing for the community and to make a real difference to other people's lives. The handicraft materials (dolls, mobiles, pictures, pillows etc…) used by "Shufer Sal" in this community project were manufactured by the elders and learning impaired at the SAVI project operated by CLICK. To the delight of the elders, they were also visited by the Mayor's wife- Mrs Hai Adviv

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