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  • Thursday, June 11, 2009

  • Mazel Tov, Martha Minow, New Dean of Harvard Law!

    Great news! Martha Minow, the Jeremiah Smith Jr. Professor of Law at Harvard, was appointed dean of Harvard Law School. A long-time friend, supporter, and founding board member of the Jewish Women's Archive, and member of the Law School faculty since 1981, Minow is a distinguished legal scholar with interests ranging from international human rights to equality and inequality; from religion and pluralism to managing mass tort litigation; from family law and education law to the privatization of military, schooling, and other governmental activities. She is also a widely admired teacher who chaired the Law School's curricular reform efforts of recent years and was recognized with the School's Sacks-Freund Award for Teaching Excellence in 2005.

    President of Harvard University, Drew Faust, (who we blogged about on Jewesses With Attitude following her appointment as president) described Minow as "an intellectual leader, a devoted teacher and mentor, a collaborative colleague, and an exemplary institutional citizen across her nearly three decades of service on the Harvard Law School faculty" as well as "a scholar of remarkable intelligence, imagination, and scope, with a passion for legal education and a deep sense of how the law can serve essential public purposes."

    Martha Minow is the second Jewish woman to assume the deanship, directly succeeding Elena Kagan who was confirmed to serve as solicitor general of the United States after nearly six years in her role as dean. Two Jewish women assuming a top leadership position at Harvard. Not too shabby!

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