Abayudaya School Nutrition Program

Organization: Kulanu, Inc
Help Kulanu educate and provide meals for 767 Jewish, Christian, and Muslim students in Uganda at schools run by the Abayudaya (Jewish) community.
Members and Groups who Support this Cause


Location of Program's Recipients:
In two schools near Mbale, Uganda
Who Benefits from Support:
There are 1,450 members of the Abayudaya ("People of Judah" in the local Luganda language) community. The community has one high school (404 students) and one elementary school (363 students), educating and feeding a total of 767 Jewish, Christian, and Muslim students.
Fast Fact:
113 students walk at least 2 miles (3 kilometers) each way to school. Abayudaya students Isaac, Joseph, and Moses, all aged 15, walk the farthest – 6 ¼ miles (10 kilometers) each way!
Raised: $200
Needed: $24,800


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Kulanu @Kulanu_IncAug 23

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Kulanu @Kulanu_IncAug 20

“The students I am so very honored to teach, are incredibly bright, committed, studious and learned.” - Michal, a… https://t.co/W0zg0hjBED

Kulanu @Kulanu_IncAug 16

Take a moment to read Michal's latest (and final) blog post from India. #ShabbatShalom https://t.co/Jsbxtqdco9

Kulanu @Kulanu_IncAug 16

Amir is making is last-minute arrangements and should be traveling next week! Please donate now to this exciting p… https://t.co/WMqraS7TXC

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Hadassah Primary School has been able to make two necessary improvements -- installing 6 lightning arresters and a… https://t.co/hfFw5UdPaH

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Professor Xu Xin od Nanjing University will give two talks in Toronto and you are invited to attend one or both! B… https://t.co/P9NG7Tq7Kg

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Have you seen “Los Nuevos Judíos de Guatemala” yet? This fantastic film was produced by Jeff Cipin and Rabbi Elyse… https://t.co/5czSghbtnB

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We have 30 Jewish communities from around the globe signed up for Kulanu Around the Globe! Is your community on th… https://t.co/HWANNCeLlx

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The two community members from Indonesia have completed their intensive Jewish study in Israel. They are now contin… https://t.co/k5iTqhHaZa

Kulanu @Kulanu_IncJul 26

Shabbat Shalom from India! A beautiful picture of delicious challah from Michal, a Kulanu Global Teaching Fellow c… https://t.co/pNglh4T9UW

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Watch the new beautiful video about the conversions that took place earlier this year in #Guatemala. https://t.co/CUiZPeIC3w

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You can make a difference while you shop Amazon Prime Day deals on July 15 & 16. Simply shop at… https://t.co/kB80t2MH6X

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27 Jewish groups from five continents have already signed up for Kulanu Across the Globe. Will your community be ne… https://t.co/BQlZivi4Xt

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The Abayudaya community in Uganda loves to celebrate with songs and music! Watch this short video clip of a group… https://t.co/CE7KOW0xla

Kulanu @Kulanu_IncJun 26

Natan, from Ziegler Rabbinical School (Los Angeles, California), returned to teach in Brazil as a Kulanu Global Tea… https://t.co/RFp6Dq1LM4

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Have you heard about Kulanu Across the Globe Yet? Join 24 Jewish groups around the globe participating in this FRE… https://t.co/L1EdZ9S5fe

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"I want to use this little opportunity to thank Rabbi Shadrach... we've really learned and spent so many good times… https://t.co/HCDjwUqFvv

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Great photo from Nigeria taken by Hezekiah. See more online at: https://t.co/3X3GjGayW1

Kulanu @Kulanu_IncJun 04

Shadrach, one of Kulanu's Global Teaching Fellows, is traveling Nigeria to meet with different Jewish groups. Donat… https://t.co/8Adx6oEPCI

Kulanu @Kulanu_IncJun 04

"Rabbi Capers Funnye is a force of personality and a force of spirit. He has worked tirelessly to dispel the notion… https://t.co/FKmxbJuMSY

Kulanu @Kulanu_IncMay 29

"The house, called "Beit Ha'Am - Marom," will serve as a synagogue and community center for Jews living in the city… https://t.co/KyZf9RFyep

Kulanu @Kulanu_IncMay 16

We've extended our fundraiser for Shadrach, Kulanu's Global Teaching Fellow from Uganda, who is working with Jewish… https://t.co/zSENdai9po

Kulanu @Kulanu_IncMay 14

We invite you to join with groups all over the world for Kulanu Across the Globe, an event celebrating global Jewis… https://t.co/sNoY0vDWQp

Kulanu @Kulanu_IncMay 10

Continuing the tradition of the anusim, a “secret seder” was held at Sinagoga Ner Tamid del Sud in Calabria, Italy… https://t.co/f1dwaPfut6

Kulanu @Kulanu_IncMay 06

Shadrach, a Ugandan rabbinical student serving as a Kulanu Global Teaching Fellow in Nigeria, used @RabbiNaomiLevy'… https://t.co/tHUYvr79Rw


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