Sderot Indoor Recreation Center

Organization: JNF - Sderot Indoor Recreation Center
Providing Sderot’s youth with a place to have fun, connect with friends, enjoy stimulating classes, and be children, beyond the conflict

Location of Program's Recipients:
Sderot and surrounding communities
Who Benefits from Support:
Fast Fact:
In the Israeli town of Sderot, parents cannot send their children outside to play because of continual Kassam rocket attacks
Raised: $427
Needed: $99,573


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Shana Tova, friends! May this be a wonderful year for all, full of good things and good news.

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Announcing JNF Entrepreneurs w/@jessicaabo, an intimate convo with leaders. First, outgoing pres Jeff Levine

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Love of the land found in the Arava. Students from Kenya learn agriculture in Israel's South:

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Jewish National Fund to honor first-responders at 9/11 memorial events

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