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1/3 of our causes are based in Israel
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Studies estimate that there are 40,000 Bar/Bat Mitzvah students a year in North America
Fast Fact:
Since 2010, JChoice has taught more than 1,500 students at more than 20 partner sites.
Raised: $3,041
Needed: $21,959


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JChoice @jchoiceorgDec 06

You don't have to attend B'nai Torah Atlanta to #AddOneLight. Let's join them in sharing mitzvot and making the wor…

JChoice @jchoiceorgNov 15

Check out ShalomLearning in action! Students at one of our partner synagogues learn the value of Koach Hadibur- the…

JChoice @jchoiceorgNov 08

As a parent, I love stories showing #Gevurah and how families respond to recent tragedies and struggles. This one i…

JChoice @jchoiceorgNov 08

What does a player's behavior on the soccer field have to do with being Jewish? Check out our new video to see how…

JChoice @jchoiceorgNov 07

"ShalomLearning has gone above and beyond creating a rich and in-depth curriculum that allows teachers to make choi…

JChoice @jchoiceorgOct 30

Need to buy anything from Amazon? Through Nov 2, AmazonSmile is donating 5% (10x the usual amount) to ShalomLearnin…

JChoice @jchoiceorgOct 29

We are all saddened by the tragedy this past Shabbat in Pittsburgh. Here are a few resources to empower/educate our…

JChoice @jchoiceorgOct 19

Going to the Educator Conference at #HebrewCollege? Let's compare notes. [email protected]

JChoice @jchoiceorgOct 19

#DigCitWeek Trying to figure out how to teach #DigitalCitzenship? Don't reinvent the wheel. Common Sense Ed has les…

JChoice @jchoiceorgOct 18

Have you seen the news? ShalomLearning lauded in eJewish Philanthropy article.

JChoice @jchoiceorgOct 18

What's this week's torah portion, Lech Lecha about? Rabbi Charles Arian [email protected] at our partner, Kehilat Shalom…

JChoice @jchoiceorgOct 16

Yesher Koach to Rabbi Sharon Cohen Anisfeld, #HebrewCollege's new President.

JChoice @jchoiceorgOct 16

We love the ruach our partner, Romemu, is creating in NY. [email protected]

JChoice @jchoiceorgOct 15

It's Digital Citizenship Week. As your #JewishEd programs use more technology, digital citizenship needs to be defi…

JChoice @jchoiceorgOct 15

Could this recipe for success help your community's congregational education too?

JChoice @jchoiceorgSep 12

Beautiful seeing congregations singing together. Shana Tova U'Metukah

JChoice @jchoiceorgSep 06

ShalomLearning is hiring an Executive Assistant. Know someone? We're a fun team!

JChoice @jchoiceorgAug 20

How often does an actor casually reference Tisha B'Av in an interview? .Henry Winkler Ya…

JChoice @jchoiceorgAug 14

Isn't it nice when an article proves what you've been doing is effective? Let's collaborate!

JChoice @jchoiceorgAug 13

What? Summer is ending? School is here before you know it. If you're not sure what you're religious school teachers…

JChoice @jchoiceorgAug 09

How do you support your teachers?

JChoice @jchoiceorgJul 16

Is your religious school using textbooks? Here are some things to think about:

JChoice @jchoiceorgJul 05

Interested in learning how to use Stop Motion Animation? BimBam has a FREE online course:

JChoice @jchoiceorgJun 04

"The answer to this dilemma is simple, if you want educators to innovate, take something off their plate and give t…

JChoice @jchoiceorgJun 04

Thank you @SlingshotFund for including ShalomLearning as one of the 50 most forward thinking organizations in Jewis…


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