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Making Passover Real

Posted on 18th April 2014

A skype interview I did for the Jewish Journal about "making Passover real" posted today. You can see it at:

Something that made Passover very real for me this Pesach was the story of my friend, Ernie's, family. When we got up to the section in the Passover seder on "My father was a wandering Aramean," I invited everyone around the table to share any stories they cared to about their ancestors migrations toward freedom. (Every story of immigration to America is, to some extent, an exodus story of movement from servitude to freedom.)

Ernie, my dad's former caregiver, shared that his great-grandfather was from Nigeria, but had been kidnapped to serve as a slave in Ghana. After enduring slavery for some time, he mangaged to buy his own freedom back. In Ernie's, now Ghanaian, family, slavery is recent history - going back just three generations.

"In every generation, each person is obligated to see him or herself as if personally going out of Egypt." -- Talmud Pesachim 116b

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