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Partners and Helpers - with Gratitude

Posted on 09th April 2014

Since setting up this website, I have met so many wonderful people who have extended themselves, amidst their important work, with great graciousness to help me. As wrenching as the topic of slavery is, the work of abolition feels light and blessed when so many wonderful people participate in the calling.

Thank you to Josh Troderman of Jchoice, to Maurice Middleberg of Free the Slaves, to Rabbi Joseph Potasnik of the New York Board of Rabbis, to Evan Robbins of Breaking the Chain Through Education, to Michael & Robin Baer and family who are vital to the success of Breaking the Chain, and to my husband and webmaster, Craig Weisz.

God is called both our Helper and our Partner. Thank you to all the people (including and especially those listed above) who follow God's example in helping and partnering to free slaves.

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