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Posted on 01st March 2012


Mitzvah Coaches

For the last two years, Tamchui has highlighted child-initiated charities. The hope by the team of parents and teachers (30 people strong and loaded with incredibly capable brainstormers!) has been that this may be particularly inspiring for our Rashi students.

"If another 13 year old can start a foundation to bring food or shoes to shelters, why can't I?" students might think. "If an 8 year old can walk from Tallahassee to DC as a statement against hunger in our country or grow a 40 pound cabbage to feed 100s, why can't I?"

Well, they can. Our Rashi students are empathetic, imaginative, and resourceful. So, this year, one (of many) creative idea that emerged from a Tamchui team discussion, inspired by new team member Marcia Plumb-Shire, is to have Rashi parents and teachers serve as Mitzvah Coaches to students.

During each lunch/recess period (11:30 am - 1:30 pm) throughout Donation week (March 5-9), we will offer a "brown bag" conversation to students (all ages) who would like to talk through ideas about mitzvah projects. Is there something broken in the world that your child has noticed and has a burning desire to repair? Perhaps his/her idea(s) have been brewing for awhile and s/he is not sure how to begin or what next steps to take? Adults will make themselves available, during the days and times indicated, to help individual students and small groups of students figure out "next steps" for their Tikkun Olam dreams and desires. No idea is too far-fetched.

Let your child(ren) know that this will be available. They can sign up with Stephanie Rotsky ([email protected]) or show up (with their teachers' permission). If you are interested in being a Mitzvah Coach, please contact Marcia Plumb ([email protected]) or Jacki Hart ([email protected]).

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