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Rashi Tamchui Overview

Posted on 01st March 2012


The 2012 Rashi Purim Tamchui Project

Raising your awareness about children's challenges....Learning about five child-centered organizations....Donating chips to organizations that draw you in....Meeting face to face with tzedakah heroes from these organizations....Stepping into the shoes of kids and imagining their life situations....Feeling grateful for all that you have....


Joining with the entire school and realizing you have the power and opportunity to make a difference in the world - priceless!


You would think that after putting (on) together the Rashi Purim Tamchui Project for 15 years now that it would be relatively easy and predictable to pull it off each year. And this is true to some extent.


There are things we can always count on.


The Tamchui Project is always around Purim as our school community reaches out to support others in our greater community and beyond. There are many nominations that the Tamchui Team has to read, evaluate and then narrow down. There are always five child-centered organizations that the school community is learning about. Every student donates five chips over a week's time to the organizations that move him/her the most. There are several assemblies on one day where the school community meets face to face with the incredible people who work with these organizations and hear their stories about the kids they are helping. Students and teachers leave comments and drawings on murals throughout Donation Week. There are organizations that hit home more than others. There are "aha" moments for each of us as we take in and begin to understand the many challenges that children and their families face day after day. There are "aha" moments for us when we finally "get" why an organization is so important and what wouldn't happen if it didn't exist.


Many of us will factor in the "fairness" component as we assess the daily graphs of total chips collected for that day - per organization - and re-direct our donation to ensure that every organization gets its fair share. We celebrate as a whole school the learning that has taken place, the organizations that we now feel inspired by and the joy and satisfaction that comes with knowing that our Tamchui chips will transform into generous donations that will directly support children in many different ways. We will cheer with intense ruach when the Tamchui total is announced - as if we have just heard that the money will be coming back to us!


For this year.... as a family.... we invite you do something (or many things) that is unpredictable during the two weeks of our Purim Tamchui Project. Maybe....


- Take "Car Talk" to a whole new level to and from school and get the inside scoop on how your children are thinking about the different Tamchui organizations. Think about powerful questions that you can ask them to get them to dig deeper into what each organization is all about.


- Travel the world without getting out of your chair by connecting with Kiva and making a micro-loan for as little as $25.00 to an individual or family who want to better their lives.


- Join your child at his/her Tamchui Assembly on March 2 and meet the amazing representatives for this year's organizations.


- Become a Facebook friend with Nicholas Lowinger (14-year-old CEO of Gotta Have Sole - one of this year's Tamchui organizations) and follow his phenomenal work getting new shoes to homeless children.


- Google Xernona Clayton and Calvin Craig and discover how these two people formed an unlikely powerful connection and how their story relates to this year's Tamchui organization, The Middle School Race Amity Theater Project at Wheelock College.


- Pick a family dinner to reflect on the five Tamchui organizations and then allocate some of your family's tzedakah collection to one of the organizations that really has inspired you.


- Do a Scavenger Hunt and count up how many pairs of shoes, all together, are in your home and then donate, for example, twenty five cents for each pair of shoes and send it off to Gotta Have Sole. Do a second Scavenger Hunt and count up how many books are in your home and then donate, for example, ten cents for each book and send it off to Raising a Reader!


- Go online as a family and look for personal stories about how the lives of children and their families have been positively impacted by the work of this year's five organizations.


- Connect an upcoming Bar or Bat Mitzvah or birthday celebration with one of this year's Tamchui organizations or the other 65 plus Tamchui organizations over the past 15 years that Rashi has learned about and supported.


- Check out the website Israel 21c which has fascinating stories about the latest technology created in Israel. Then check out Jewish Heart for Africa's website and take pride in the magnificent work that Israel is doing in Africa to directly improve the quality of life there.


- Reconnect with the joy of going to the library and looking at books. Check out a bag of your favorite books for February break and read to your heart's content. Think about all of the children and their families who will benefit from receiving books and literacy education through Raising a Reader this year!


- Email us ([email protected]) a powerful moment that your family shared in connection with this year's Purim Tamchui project. Then we will share it with others in the Rashi community!


To a memorable, powerful and transformative 2012 Purim Tamchui this year!


Stephanie Rotsky and Rabbi Sharon Clevenger, on behalf of the entire Purim Tamchui Team

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  • Posted by bruuce333 on 3/8/2012 4:28:55 AM
    This is awesome, go Rashi! You are doing such great work. Tikkun Olam at it's best!

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