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    Wow what a great session last ... more
Rabbi Summit's Lesson

Posted on 02nd December 2011

Wow what a great session last night! What were your main takeaways from the lesson?

I for one was really inspired by the notion of how much are we capable of giving? When is our work complete?

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  • Posted by mstone on 12/12/2011 4:46:24 AM
    I loved our conversation the other week. I feel like Tufts does a great job of instilling the buzz word of "active citizenship" in every students' experience, yet suddenly once we graduate, it can be a huge challenge to reflect and decide on our individual role and career path. How can we couple our passions and resources developed throughout our education and apply them in a manner that has the most significant positive return? I really appreciated hearing everyone's mutual difficulty grasping this concept, as it is a difficult task, yet one that we should always have on our mind and incorporate into our evolving careers. I know Barry mentioned that President Bacow stated that you can't truly understand the meaning and impact of your career until you retire. I think that by acknowledging these sentiments, we can do more to dictate and shape our professions and volunteer opportunities and make the greatest impact.

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