Football for an HIV-Free Generation in South Africa

Organization: Grassroot Soccer (GRS)
Grassroot Soccer integrates the power of soccer with HIV prevention and life skills programs empowering youth with the knowledge and support to live HIV free.

Location of Program's Recipients:
Southern Africa
Who Benefits from Support:
Approximately 270,000 boys and girls aged 10-18, in under-resourced communities and often those in extreme poverty and at high risk to contract HIV.
Fast Fact:
Ethan Zohn, the winner of Survivor: Africa in 2002, learned about the HIV epidemic during that time and used his winnings to co-found GRS.
Raised: $1,057
Needed: $16,943


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Grassroot Soccer @GrassrootSoccerMar 19

RT @GRSSouthAfrica: #DREAMTeam! Deputy Secretary of State John Sullivan and @PEPFAR Ambassador Birx visited #Soweto on Saturday to learn fr…

Grassroot Soccer @GrassrootSoccerMar 18

Talk about #MondayMotivation! Our friends at @Classy are in it to win it – they're getting closer and closer to the…

Grassroot Soccer @GrassrootSoccerMar 14

Congratulations and good luck to all the incredible athletes competing in the @WorldGamesAD! Here’s a special look…

Grassroot Soccer @GrassrootSoccerMar 11

RT @hughes_kristin: Meet Victor, ⁦@WorldGamesAD⁩ Torch Bearer & ⁦@SpecialOlympics⁩ Health Messenger from Nigeria! He’s leading the Skillz f…

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RT @UN_Women: What is #CSW63? Here is everything you need to know about the largest annual gathering of gender equality champions at the @U…

Grassroot Soccer @GrassrootSoccerMar 08

RT @QuintonFortune: #InternationalWomensDay: "I stood my ground and trained harder until I broke into the Zimbabwe Women’s National Soccer…

Grassroot Soccer @GrassrootSoccerMar 08

RT @RachelRileyRR: An inspiring story about women, football, education and progress. ⚽️❤️ Zimbabwe Women’s International Footballer on winn…

Grassroot Soccer @GrassrootSoccerMar 08

RT @GRSSouthAfrica: At @GrassrootSoccer we are pleased to mark International Women’s Day with @GautengProvince and local partners, discussi…

Grassroot Soccer @GrassrootSoccerMar 08

RT @soccer_zambia: Creating a balance when building the team of support can help us overcome obstacles and reach the goals in life. #Think…

Grassroot Soccer @GrassrootSoccerMar 07

RT @GRSSouthAfrica: #tbt to @GrassrootSoccer @USAID_SAfrica @m2mtweets #CHAMP Training of Coaches last week, on our mixed-sex SKILLZ progra…

Grassroot Soccer @GrassrootSoccerMar 01

Today is #ZeroDiscriminationDay! We can all do our part to end discrimination by saying no to bias and discriminati…

Grassroot Soccer @GrassrootSoccerFeb 28

RT @DiCiccoMethod: RUNNERS: @GrassrootSoccer is back in the @nycmarathon for the 11th year. Looking to run? With a pledge of at least $3,00…

Grassroot Soccer @GrassrootSoccerFeb 28

"Young Africans will shape the future of not only their own communities but the entire world." Our friends at…

Grassroot Soccer @GrassrootSoccerFeb 27

RT @GRSSouthAfrica: At @GrassrootSoccer we stand by the transformative power of sport and physical health to improve school indicators, red…

Grassroot Soccer @GrassrootSoccerFeb 25

Congratulations to @BoRhapMovie for winning four #Oscars at last night's #AcademyAwards, including #BestPicture! GR…

Grassroot Soccer @GrassrootSoccerFeb 25

Congratulations to @BoRhapMovie for winning five #Oscars at last night's #AcademyAwards, including #BestPicture! GR…

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RT @GRSSouthAfrica: Our #GRSGameChanger this week is Gugulethu, a former @GrassrootSoccer participant now Coach for #BRIDGE project w/ @fhi…

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RT @Jazz17_619: I am personally raising money to help support @GrassrootSoccer ! If I hit my fundraising goal, I will run the @RunRocknRoll…

Grassroot Soccer @GrassrootSoccerFeb 14

A very happy #ValentinesDay to you and yours! Our work is possible because of your support. Thank you!

Grassroot Soccer @GrassrootSoccerFeb 13

Have you ever dreamed of playing on a #Premiership pitch? It is with universal excitement that we announce details…

Grassroot Soccer @GrassrootSoccerFeb 11

What a fun morning with our friends ⁦@classy⁩! Thank you for hosting us and partnering for good 💪🙏 🌎 You’ve got…

Grassroot Soccer @GrassrootSoccerFeb 06

Today is National Girls and Women’s Sports Day! @GRSSouthAfrica partners #RVUnited + @bluebirdsrfa – these clubs pr…

Grassroot Soccer @GrassrootSoccerJan 25

Something about this passage from @MichelleObama's #Becoming sounds familiar – any guesses why? 😉 #fbf #flashback…

Grassroot Soccer @GrassrootSoccerJan 22

If you had a long weekend – welcome back! We spent ours with students from @SHSAtherton and soccer players from the…


Updates from the Cause

  • Get the Facts
    June 10,2009
    The HIV/AIDS pandemic has become arguably the worst public health crisis in human history. UNAIDS (2008) reports: Worldwide, 33 million...... More

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