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Birthday Wishes Needs Volunteers

Posted on 03rd September 2013

Calling all Volunteers!

Volunteers are needed in all regions! Volunteer opportunities include:

- Delivering Birthday Boxes to local shelters

- Becoming a Party Coordinator at one local shelter

- Organizing, wrapping gifts, putting away donations, etc. in a Birthday Wishes office


To get started, please contact one of the following Birthday Wishes coordinators!


Greater Boston - Liz Fallon[mailto:[email protected]]

Southeastern MA & Cape Cod - Catherine Sullivan[mailto:[email protected]]

Central MA - Teri Scibelli[mailto:[email protected]]

Northern MA/Southern NH - Courtney Vernadakis[mailto:[email protected]]

Western MA - Jennifer Matoney[mailto:[email protected]]

Rhode Island - Susan Kostas[mailto:[email protected]]

Long Island, NY - Susan Gold[mailto:[email protected]]

Birthday-in-a-Box Program, Lexington MA - Mary Heveran[mailto:[email protected]] 

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