Many Thanks From Lotus House

Posted on 23rd April 2013

On behalf of The Sundari Foundation, Inc., we wish to extend our most heartfelt thanks for your kind gift this year of $602 supporting the Lotus House and other initiatives of the Foundation, and we want you to know that your support truly makes a difference!

With your help, the Lotus House has served over 900 women and infants since its establishment. We provide shelter and wrap-around support services to over 110 homeless women and children daily. 

We have welcomed 7 newborns into the Lotus House family in 2013, bring the total number of newborns who will someday call Lotus House their first home to 90. Our maternity program ensures these fragile families have the resources and supports necessary for a happy and healthy fresh start. 

The addition of our child and family psychologist on staff now provides our mothers and their little ones (we have more than 40 children everyday!) with parent/child therapy, child therapy and parenting classes to help reclaim and rebuild lives damaged by childhood abuse, domestic violence and homelessness. 

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