We Drum as One Tour

Posted on 10th May 2012

I¹m leading a Drumming Bus Tour in Israel next October. We¹ll unify our group through drumming, meet some awesome people, see amazing sights, and drum at some of the most sacred places in the world. It¹s 10 days, all inclusive, and it¹s going to be wicked cool! Proceeds from the tour will support The Drum Workshop¹s program in Israel: ³We Drum As One², bringing youth of all faiths and cultures through the medium of ensemble drumming. All the info, and a great little video, is on the promo site.
Please click on it, and please pass it around. There are only 30 seats available on this tour, and I¹m hoping some of you will come. If you can¹t, please help me network. I¹d love this venture to be a success, and you can help. Check the site, just for curiosity....



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