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Posted on 13th August 2009

 Hi there!

My name is Tanya Pinto and I am the Founder of Baal Dan. I was so excited when Maya Katz called me about participating in the JChoice program. It is so perfect for Baal Dan, because I already have a number of kids helping to raise money and helping to  support "my kids" in India. Not many people realize the dire needs of children in India. There are over 18 million street kids in India. Over 25 million orphans. And, 40% of children in India are malnourished - that's more than in Africa. There is so much need, and the poverty is overwhelming - BUT - the kids. I wish you could see them. They are so happy, so sweet and so generous despite the fact that they have nothing! They live in unimaginable conditions, and yet they smile! There are lessons we can all learn from these amazing children. Please feel free to email me if you have any questions, at [email protected], and thank you so much for your support!

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  • Posted by Lamedvavnick on 8/25/2009 2:02:51 PM
    I think that you are so amazing! This cause is fantastic and so important. 25 million orphans and 18 million street kids is unthinkable.

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