Crossroads Center's "Coloring the Streets" program

By Arnie Draiman

Posted on 14th April 2010

Crossroads is the place where 'teens turn themselves around'. Let me
 Crossroads is located in downtown Jerusalem and works to get
English speaking teenagers back on track. Over 1,000 different teens
interact with Crossroads each year. About half of them are students here
on various one-year programs and the other half are resident Israelis
(of English speaking families).

You can imagine that with 1,000 different teens come 1,000 different
stories, needs and solutions. Anything and everything that can happen
does, and the expert social workers and staff of Crossroads can handle

So, how do they help teens turn themselves around? Counseling on any
imaginable subject; Workshops in employment, cooking, drama, art,
computers; High school diploma assistance and coursework; Clothing for
teens out on the street; Legal and Police Aid; and more.

The staff works in the office during the day, runs a clubhouse in the
afternoons and evenings, and then goes out to the streets for late
nights, meeting the teens where they are at.

All in all, it is an amazing program, helping so many people,  and doing
it for less than $300,000 a year! A great use of tzedakah funds if ever
there was one.

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