Facebook contest to award money to fan who gets the most votes for their favorite charity on JChoice

By Dave Rizzotto and Shantel Hansen

Posted on 10th March 2010

The Facebook Charity contest was created for fans of, the social network for young Jewish giving, to promote their favorite charity.

How it works.
* Pick a favorite charity
* Post the charity name on the’s Facebook wall and link to cause page on
* Encourage their friends to vote for their charity by giving a “thumbs up” on their wall post

Whoever has the most votes (thumbs ups) wins a free gift card, which they can redeem on to give to their favorite charity. is a non-profit website that teaches and inspires the next generation of Jewish Philanthropy. There are currently over 70 prescreened charities that users can learn about and support.

“The goal for our contest is for fans of our Facebook page to explore our charities and identify with those organizations whose values align with their own. It is our hope that they feel strongly enough about a particular cause to promote it, gaining much needed awareness and support," stated Shantel Hansen, Social Media Manager.

Beyond exploring and donating to charities, the site was designed to foster community, offering a forum for members to voice their concerns and be heard by others who share the same passion. Members can follow their favorite charities, read and write blog entries, and raise money and give collectively through the donor group tool.

The contest will run for a week, March 10th - 17th.


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