Mitzvah Heroes: Linda Mosek

By Arnie Draiman

Posted on 29th January 2010

Linda Mosek is one of our Mitzvah heroes. She runs a terrific organization in a most efficient and effective manner. But get this: Linda comes from a background in social work, and did very well as a social worker. And she was very good at management, so eventually, she found herself being in charge of this program and that program. And then...promoted to the head of a department and finally, to the head of this organization, C.L.I.C.K.
In order to run an organization, one must not only have the skills and knowledge of many of the people who work for you, but you must also have the skills and knowledge of senior management - which includes a strong background in business. After all, a non-profit is still a business, even if it is not making a profit!
So Linda went back to school to get a degree in business! She now possesses an MSW AND an MBA. A very rare, but so needed, combination. And therefore, Linda is able to run a wonderful program using her social work skills, and at the same time, keep the organization running smoothly due to her business background. In addition, she has added the great idea of making the non-profit self-sustaining.
She has started a program where the non-profit has a real income stream-people buy the products that they produce and everybody wins! the elders and the teens at risk who produced the items feel good about themselves, the non-profit can make a little bit of money on it (and it really is a little - most items cost just a dollar or two), and the people buying the stuff feel good that they got a quality product and did a mitzvah at the same time.
Arnie Draiman
JChoice's ears and eyes in Israel

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