Impact of Your Gift to Artists for Humanity

By Susan Rodgerson

Posted on 13th September 2013

Thank you so much for JChoice's contribution to Artists For Humanity (AFH), received on September 6, 2013. Your members' gifts make a great impact at AFH as we empower and employ 300 of Boston's under resourced teens in a uniquely intensive program of arts, creativity, and enterprise.

I'd like to share the following quote from one of our teems with hopes that you will feel as inspired as I do, knowing that your support to AFH makes a tremendous difference in the lives of Boston's teens.

"AFH is more than just a job for me. It is a place to go when I need someone to talk to, a teacher with power tools, a place where all my friends are, and a place where my voice is heard and listened to. AFH is a best friend, a strict mother, a loving father, and an all-knowing grandparent. If I could, I would never leave [here]."

Thanks for your support of AFH's creative and entrepreneurial program.

With heartfel thanks, 

Susan Rodgerson

Executive/Artistic Director. 

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