JChoice Cause Progress: Adolescent Wellness

By Bob Anthony

Posted on 11th June 2013

We are clearly making progress in delivering resources locally to keep healthy kids healthy.  This spring, two of our teen mentors focused their 'senior projects' on preventing depression and building resilience.   Over 70 sophomore students benefited, with measurably improved knowledge and attitude.  Kristina Ladd (pictured below) is from the Francis W. Parker Charter Essential School (Devens, MA) and Alyssa Dole is from the Wellesley (MA) high school.  You may read read more about their achievements in the article titled Senior Project. 


An immediate problem is how to bring peer-to-peer education national?  We are finding solutions by working through partners with a national presence:


  • AWI was invited to facilitate workshops at their national conference by the national Students Against Destructive Decisions (SADD) organization.  Our workshops are scheduled on the first morning of their conference, Sunday, June 23 (see article PIP, PIP Hooray!).
  • Wellness content is also being  provided for ages 9-15 through the 'virtual world' of Whyville ( 

Best regards, 

-Bob Anthony, President

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