A JChoice Response about Boston

By Joshua Troderman

Posted on 22nd April 2013

Dear Friends,

As you all now by now, just 7 days ago, tragedy struck on Patriots Day at the Boston Marathon finishing line.  Some lost their lives, some were horribly injured and for every American, our freedom was attacked. How to make any sense of it all is a challenge since of course, it was a senseless act done by people who have no value for the sacredness of human life. 


The speed at which people came to the rescue without flinching to help one another and the stories of sheer heroism are a silver lining in the cloud of despair. And yet, nothing can make up for the loss of life and injury caused to those most directly affected. But there is always something we can do.


"Tzedek, Tzedek Tirdoff" (Deuteronomy 16:20)


The root of the Hebrew word Tzedakah is "Tzedek,"which means justice. Tzedek also is translated as righteousness.  The Torah empathically teaches us: "Justice, justice, you shall pursue."  Our entire legal system depends on upholding justice.  A mitzvah is a commandment, and that means action. The Jewish tradition is to not to sit idly by when an injustice is before us.


We are courageous. The spirit of Boston will not be stopped. Please join the JChoice family and make a donation here to The One Fund Boston, to help the victims and families that are suffering the most from this tragedy.  The fund has raised over $10 million dollars so far.

As with every JChoice cause, 100% of your donation goes directly to the organization.  Thank you for making an act of righteous giving to this important cause and may you continue to go forward in strength to do many more mitzvot in the future.


Gratefully yours,


Joshua Troderman


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