Enter “The Kids”

By Danny Siegel

Posted on 05th January 2010

The shoppers were a recently-formed group of post-Bar and Bar Mitzvah students who would be focusing their efforts on Tikkun Olam.  Months before, when Rabbi Dennis Eisner and I were reviewing my schedule, I told him I was particularly excited about this program.  Even the name excited me: Mitzvah Madness.  I just knew that the educators would be teaching Tzedakah with great creativity.

The night the teen-agers went Mitzvah shopping, they had $2,100 of Wilshire Boulevard’s Tzedakah money at their disposal.This was the scene at Costco: Eight students, their educators, two or three assistants, and myself as a participant came in for a special kind of shopping spree.  A few minutes before, one of the educators talked to the manager about what we were planning to do; he kindly offered us a big lawn table and chairs in the middle of the store so we could sit together and talk as a group.

Tzedakah and Tikkun Olam hero and author Danny Siegel

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