You Did It!

By The JChoice Team

Posted on 01st February 2013

Thanks to the 55 individual donations that came in this month, we raised $50,000 as a community for our matching Challenge grant! Because of our collective supporting community and a very generous anonymous donor, that $50,000 doubled to $100,000.

We faced the challenge and we met our goal together.

All proceeds go towards JChoice programs and services in 2013.

Our programs make Tzedakah Happen. 

It takes funding to get the word out and empower the next generation to give more from a Jewish perspective.

It takes funding to empower our causes to get their word out and help them continue the great work that they are doing to repair the world.

It takes funding to keep all Jchoice gifts at 100% to the cause of one's choice.

And you did it!

We needed your help and you came through.

There are many choices of where to give these days

And we are so grateful that you have chosen JChoice.

We look forward to continuing our sacred work to serve you in your noble efforts in serving others.

May you go forward in strength to do many more mitzvot in the future!



Gratefully yours,

The JChoice Team






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