Joshua Troderman President & CEO

By Joshua Troderman

Posted on 05th December 2009


Welcome to JChoice!  Up until now, the technology and methodology did not exist to create an all-inclusive Tzedakah community on-line.

 We are the only social network for creating Tzedakah (charitable donations) embodied in traditional Jewish values while led by the next generation of contributors.  This meeting place for Tikkun Olam (repairing the world) is intended to be a perpetual moment in real time, enlisting contributions from all of the Children of Israel (a.k.a. the Jewish community) simultaneously.

  According to the Torah, this feat was done once before, thousands of years ago in the desert way before computers (or electricity for that matter) existed.  Back then, our ancestors were building a sacred structure called The Mishkan (Tabernacle), and all took part in bringing donations into one collective that served a holy purpose of channeling God’s Presence.

  Now I am not suggesting that we are building a place on-line to perform ritual sacrifices with the ancient high priests of Israel directly communicating to some manifestation of God (although that would be interesting). What I am suggesting is that Jchoice is a place on line, where our energy as a people, is focused on doing the right thing. And when I say the right thing, I am referring to the “Just” thing.

 A very respectable Hebrew translation of the word “justice” is “Tzedek.” Tzedek is the heart (and root) of Tzedakah.

 Tzedakah is often translated as "charity." And that is not too far off from our modern understanding of what it has become, but it should be pointed out that it is more than charity. Giving to others is righteousness and justice because it simply is not right to “stand idly by” while others suffer.

  You are probably not surprised when I tell you that repairing something unjust usually takes time, energy and funding. The more people that are involved for standing up for social justice, the more powerful the change.  But then again, one can make a difference with his or her own determination and individual choices.  One does not need to wait for “a group consensus” if you follow your heart to help another.

Let me offer an example of Tzedakah: If you were just about to take a bite of a sandwich and a starving person showed up and sat next to you, you would give them half your sandwich. It is not because you are such a great person; it’s not even because you feel a sense of love for that person; but rather; it’s just “the right thing to do.” The Creator has blessed you with a sandwich, and it is only “right” that you share it with the one next to you who was not as fortunate. That is how Judaism looks at Tzedakah.   On Jchoice, from the public's eye,

ALL donors give anonymously. However, although your gifts are anonymous, you can also social network with others by inventing a screen name. Here you build your "donor profile" and become part of a vibrant giving community that you create and contribute ideas, songs and videos.

 The consciousness is what matters. You choose a screen name and you give Tzedakah. YOU contribute and YOU know what you gave. You even have an account history on your “MyJChoice” page that keeps track of your interests and contributions. And just watch the wonder that comes back to you.

  So do it. Pick up your mouse and make some choices. If you want more causes that aren’t up there, contact us and let us know what you want.  Even though we have made it simple to give, it is definitely not easy to make a decision of which program to give to when they are all so worthy and compelling.

  I suggest that you follow a category, a Jewish value, or a region that interests you all the way to a cause, and enjoy the journey.  Feel free to surf around J-mix and explore our videos.  Load in a donor reflection or a D’var Torah and earn $18 to give away in 48 hours.  You might even be the monthly winner and receive an additional $180 of Tzedakah to give away!

  You will quickly find a growing community in our social network that can find each other through shared places of thoughtfulness and generosity.  Come share your light with the world, as this website was made for you to shine on! Please feel free to write to me and let me know what you think.  I really love to hear from you.

 Thank you for being here and helping to repair the world!

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