Temple Shalom

By Jeff

Posted on 23rd March 2012

This past Sunday, JChoice President & CEO Josh Troderman and I visited Temple Shalom in Newton for our first program with the 6th grade students and parents. Josh and I did our usual dog and pony show; leading the attendees in Eilu Devarim with Josh playing the piano and me on the guitar, introducing them to JChoice and how they can build mitzvah projects on our site, as well as showing them some stellar mitzvah project videos. To me the latter was the highlight of the day, as we were able to showcase a fantastic project by Jacob Gurvis, the son of Temple Shalom Rabbi Eric Gurvis. Jacob did a fantastic baseball equipment collection for the organization Pitch in for Baseball

While we at JChoice of course want to sign up as many people as possible on the site and make a significant Tzedakah impact, we can’t forget to focus on the individual projects and people that enrich our site--we want to directly connect the people that use our site for their mitzvah projects and have great stories to tell. Jacob is a great example and because of his personal connection to Temple Shalom, this registered an even greater impact on Sunday---the event attendees seemed very captivated by the video and Rabbi Gurvis gave one of the most heartfelt endorsements of our organization I’ve ever heard. We are excited to continue working with Temple Shalom as they are site truly committed to making tzedakah and mitzvah a reality.

Want to be inspired and use JChoice for your students’ mitzvah projects and fundraising? If so, I would love to hear from you! Contact me, Jeff Remis at [email protected] or call 781-433-9088.

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