There's something about Tzedakah

By Joshua Troderman JChoice CEO & President

Posted on 10th November 2011

There’s something about Tzedakah

The more I study it, the more I learn about how it affects people. It calls us to action to give. And the only thing that matters in life is the love that we give. Not that money is love, but it has become America’s god. Rather than share it, so many people cling to what they have and value their identity and worth as to how big their pot is, thus its a twisted personal god that creates such steep division, class warfare, and entitlement: An illusion of endless greed that taints our higher self, which truly wants to give.

And there lies the irony. With a click of a mouse on Jchoice, one can give tzedakah now. And by doing it “jewishly” one can find an even deeper level of meaning by tapping into a community that stands for chesed: generous sustaining benevolence.

And the awareness of the God that we truly want, that we can feel from our higher self, returns.

It is the act of giving that brings alive the way we we’re made “in God’s image.” all other acts are pulling deceptions of the flesh and earth that makes up our physical bodies. Soul cages.

The same money that once was corrupting our soul, has become a tool for positive transformation.

The secret in life is learning to let go of everything before it’s over. Because really, in the end, does anything else matter but the love  that we give?

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