Teens raise over $4,000 to build gardens for breast cancer patients.

By JChoice

Posted on 18th February 2011

Erica, President of the Sharon High School Photography Club, has led an effort to raise over $4,000 to help plant gardens for women undergoing treatment for breast cancer, including Priscilla Kitay a Sharon Massachusetts resident. Erica used her passion for photography and belief in helping others to start selling gift cards to fund the efforts of cause Hope in Bloom. You can view the planting of Priscilla’s garden at under the press section for NECN.

In effort to build on the club’s successes, they developed a way to raise more money. Erica’s club reached out to professional photographers around the world and asked them to be apart of an online auction of their work. To date, over 70 pieces have been gathered from artists like Annie Leibowitz, Anne Geedes, Linda Wolf, Elsa Dorfman, Sheila Metzner to name a few. The response has been overwhelming.

You can view the current body of work on the
Sharon High School Photography Club website. On this site will be an online auction from March 20th (first day of Spring) till April 10th.

The Jewish values found within this project include:
Good Deed (commandment) - Mitzvah
Kindness leads to Kindness - Chesed Gorer Chesed
Relationships Between People - Bein Adam L'Chavero
Visiting Sick People - Bikur Cholim

Please consider supporting
Hope and Bloom.

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