Gateways Launches New Website

By Gateways

Posted on 08th February 2011

In honor of Jewish Disability Awareness Month (JDAM), Gateways is unveiling their updated website, complete with the launch of an exciting new initiative, an online resource bank of downloadable, printable Jewish education materials. Though designed especially for students with special needs, these activities and resources are user-friendly for all children and include user-guides for families and educators.


Consider supporting Gateways, the Greater Boston based program that enables children with special needs to participate in Jewish learning.


The Jewish Values found within Gateways include:

Justice and Fairness - Tzedek
Kindness leads to Kindness - Chesed Gorer Chesed
Learning - Limud
Relationships Between People - Bein Adam L'Chavero

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  • Posted by on 3/21/2011 10:00:07 AM
    Nice work

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