Divorce Support Groups for Women and Children

By Granit

Posted on 26th January 2011

Granit was established in January 2000 by a group of women led by Dr. Tikva Rager. Granit is an organization that empowers women. In order to achieve these goals, Granit is operating in the following ways: Support Groups, Hot Line, Legislation, Legal aid, Public Relations, and Escorting Project.

In the Granit support groups, the women deal with negative feelings such as loss, anger, vulnerability, and failure of themselves and of their children. In each group there are around 8-10 women, who meet for two hours once a week for 10 meetings. Granit is the first and only organization that runs support groups for women before, during and after divorce. The group mentor is a professional Sociologist / Psychologist (M.A), with an additional degree in group leading.

The values found within this cause include:

Justice and Fairness - Tzedek
Relationships Between People - Bein Adam L'Chavero

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