MAOF Program for Gifted Students of Ethiopian origin

By Ariela

Posted on 12th January 2011

Ariela is a non-profit organization that promotes excellence amongst Ethiopian Jewry in Israel based on our belief that the advancement of outstanding achievers is the most efficient manner to promote true, long lasting social change. The MAOF Program for Gifted Students is managed at the national level and provides tailor made assistance programs for uniquely gifted individuals ranging in age from elementary school to university level students. This one on one program provides comprehensive support to youngsters and adults.

The Hebrew word of "MAOF" can be translated into English as imagination or vision. In this spirit, Ariela seeks to assist uniquely talented individuals of Ethiopian origin interested in pursuing “ground breaking” professional career paths in terms of their social impact upon their immediate surroundings.

The Jewish Values found within Ariela include:

Diversity - B'Tzelem Elohim
Learning - Limud

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