Chemotherapy-improving Research for Pediatrics

By The Miles Levin Fund - UJF Detroit

Posted on 03rd January 2011

Very often families with children who have cancer have needs which no program meets.  We have the flexibility to be supportive of needs not met by other programs.  For example, a family may be waiting for placement at a Ronald McDonald House and we can help subsidize their housing expense while they wait for placement.  Our aim is to fill the gap.  Only the families know what they need.  They tell us and we can respond, within means.  There are programs, like Make A Wish, which grant big wishes of children with cancer.  We do not have the same depth of resources, but we try to meet small wishes.

For this project, The Miles Levin Fund will be sending all JChoice donated funds to the Memorial Sloan-Kettering Hospital for the purpose of chemotherapy-improving research.

The main Jewish value found within this cause is
Visiting Sick People - Bikur Cholim.

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