Help Pakistan Flood Survivors

By D. Rizzotto

Posted on 25th August 2010


By now you've probably heard about the devastating flooding in Pakistan. An estimated 2,000 people are dead, 3.5 million children are at high risk from deadly water-borne diseases, and more than 20 million people have lost their homes, their food, and have no sanitation. Without question, the Jewish values of Saving a Life (Pikuach Nefesh) and Ending Hunger (Mazon) are of paramount concern to the Jewish people.

The extensive devastation of the Pakistan flood demands urgent relief. Therefore, the featured cause is Stop Hunger Now. Together our goal is to raise $18,000 for these victims by Rosh Hashanah. Stop Hunger Now is responding to the crisis by sending both food and disaster relief funds to their partners already on the ground in Pakistan.

This flood is likely to affect more people in a larger area as the rains continue and the flood waters reach the lower plains further South. The aftermath of this disaster could potentially result in water borne diseases like cholera, hepatitis, typhoid and acute gastroenteritis due to the contamination of the drinking supplies. Food shortages in a fragile economy dependent on foreign aid could snowball into social unrest.

Please consider a donation today to help Stop Hunger Now provide aid to our partners and the people of Pakistan.

Learn more about and support Stop Hunger Now at


Help Pakistan Flood Survivors

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