Birthday Party Program: Party Supplies

Organization: Birthday Wishes, Inc
Birthday Wishes brings the magic of a birthday party to thousands of homeless children each year.
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Location of Program's Recipients:
Massachusetts, Rhode Island and Long Island, New York
Who Benefits from Support:
More than 10,000 homeless children living in over 165 shelters.
Fast Fact:
2012 is Birthday Wishes’ 10th birthday! We will be celebrating all year long with many great events such as, our first annual family-fun walk called CakeWalk, an online auction, Luminary Night and more!
Raised: $1,174
Needed: $16,826

Cause Blog
  • Birthday Wishes Needs Volunteers
    Calling all Volunteers! Volunteers are needed in all regions! Volunteer opportunities include: - Delivering Birthday Boxes to local shelters - Beco...... More
  • Cake Walk
    Dear Friends, On Sunday, May 19, Birthday Wishes will celebrate its 2nd annual CakeWalk at Millennium Park in West Roxbury, MA. CakeWalk represent...... More
  • Quarterly Update
    January 25, 2013 Dear Friends, It is far too easy, considering the myriad issues homeless children face, the trauma they experience and the unmet...... More

Tweets by @birthdaysmatter

Birthday Wishes Inc. @birthdaysmatterAug 17

In FY19, Birthday Wishes served 5,035 birthday children living in homeless shelters. Thank you to everyone who hel…

Birthday Wishes Inc. @birthdaysmatterAug 13

We'd like to thank the employees from @ArbellaIns and Bearingstar Insurance who came to the office and wrapped 459…

Birthday Wishes Inc. @birthdaysmatterAug 11

We'd like to send a huge thank you to @NutterLaw for donating fifty boxes to our Birthday-in-a-Box Program in honor…

Birthday Wishes Inc. @birthdaysmatterAug 09

RT @BCBSRI: Thank you to the 18 generous BCBSRI colleagues who worked to make birthdays brighter this quarter by assembling birthday boxes…

Birthday Wishes Inc. @birthdaysmatterAug 08

Move to housing is slow, with long waiting lists. Family bonds tend to languish the longer they remain homeless. We…

Birthday Wishes Inc. @birthdaysmatterAug 06

These @Alkermes volunteers delivered 85 completed birthday boxes to our Holyoke office to ensure that homeless chil…

Birthday Wishes Inc. @birthdaysmatterAug 05

Every child deserves to celebrate their special day. Last year, 26,000+ homeless children experienced the joy of a…

Birthday Wishes Inc. @birthdaysmatterAug 03

Birthday Wishes recently received a generous grant from @DCUCenter for Kids that will help support our birthday par…

Birthday Wishes Inc. @birthdaysmatterAug 01

Thank you to all our golfers and sponsors for a successful Putt for Presents Golf Tournament! Over 120 people playe…

Birthday Wishes Inc. @birthdaysmatterAug 01

RT @ShareYourWish: Nice job Juliet D. on raising $205.71 for @birthdaysmatter by sharing her birthday wish! #FewerGiftsMoreMeaning

Birthday Wishes Inc. @birthdaysmatterJul 31

Alicia Quinn & her students from Highlands in Braintree collected 120 gifts, 288 party supplies & 146 wrapping prod…

Birthday Wishes Inc. @birthdaysmatterJul 29

Shelter providers often lack funds to provide positive experiences like a birthday party for the families in their…

Birthday Wishes Inc. @birthdaysmatterJul 27

We celebrate birthdays year long, with no slow-down during the summer. Our Party Volunteers and Program staff work…

Birthday Wishes Inc. @birthdaysmatterJul 25

Living in trauma, fear, and the stress of poverty has been shown to short circuit brain development in children. La…

Birthday Wishes Inc. @birthdaysmatterJul 23

Come bask in the sun (and golf) at our annual charity golf tournament Putt for Presents this Friday! We have prizes…

Birthday Wishes Inc. @birthdaysmatterJul 19

We're one week away from Putt for Presents 🎁, our annual charity golf tournament created in 2011 to help brighten t…

Birthday Wishes Inc. @birthdaysmatterJul 16

Thank you to our volunteers from @BHHSRealEstate! They created this progress board and created 30 Party Essentials…

Birthday Wishes Inc. @birthdaysmatterJul 12

Enjoy 2 rounds of golf at Cyprian Keyes Golf Club (the tournament and another on a date of your choice)🏌️, a delici…

Birthday Wishes Inc. @birthdaysmatterJul 09

Our focus is on enhancing the environment for kids WHILE a family is homeless. A Birthday Wishes party is special;…

Birthday Wishes Inc. @birthdaysmatterJul 05

It’s not too late for you or your company to Sponsor a Hole for $100 at our annual Putt for Presents 🎁 charity golf…

Birthday Wishes Inc. @birthdaysmatterJul 02

RT @Generus_Co: We're excited to share this video of how Generus worked w/@4HumanPotential to bring in volunteer service projects w/ @OpenT…

Birthday Wishes Inc. @birthdaysmatterJul 01

All children should experience love and happiness on their birthdays, even when living in a homeless shelter. Help…

Birthday Wishes Inc. @birthdaysmatterJun 28

Turn your summer party into an opportunity to give back! Have your guests assemble Party Essential Packs for childr…

Birthday Wishes Inc. @birthdaysmatterJun 26

Get on the green⛳ to support a great cause! Putt for Presents is exactly one month away. The golf tournament includ…


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