Birthday Party Program: Party Supplies

Organization: Birthday Wishes, Inc
Birthday Wishes brings the magic of a birthday party to thousands of homeless children each year.
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Location of Program's Recipients:
Massachusetts, Rhode Island and Long Island, New York
Who Benefits from Support:
More than 10,000 homeless children living in over 165 shelters.
Fast Fact:
2012 is Birthday Wishes’ 10th birthday! We will be celebrating all year long with many great events such as, our first annual family-fun walk called CakeWalk, an online auction, Luminary Night and more!
Raised: $1,174
Needed: $16,826

Cause Blog
  • Birthday Wishes Needs Volunteers
    Calling all Volunteers! Volunteers are needed in all regions! Volunteer opportunities include: - Delivering Birthday Boxes to local shelters - Beco...... More
  • Cake Walk
    Dear Friends, On Sunday, May 19, Birthday Wishes will celebrate its 2nd annual CakeWalk at Millennium Park in West Roxbury, MA. CakeWalk represent...... More
  • Quarterly Update
    January 25, 2013 Dear Friends, It is far too easy, considering the myriad issues homeless children face, the trauma they experience and the unmet...... More

Tweets by @birthdaysmatter

Birthday Wishes Inc. @birthdaysmatterDec 10

'Tis the season of giving! We provide bags of birthday presents to the thousands of kids we serve each year. You ca…

Birthday Wishes Inc. @birthdaysmatterDec 07

We are so grateful for our volunteer bakers that help us provide personalized birthday cakes to each child we serve…

Birthday Wishes Inc. @birthdaysmatterDec 06

Volunteers from @redikersoftware donated toys to our Holyoke office and wrapped 148 birthday presents! That equals…

Birthday Wishes Inc. @birthdaysmatterDec 05

16 year old Katelyn chose to fulfill her community service hours by collecting and wrapping 45 birthday boxes!! The…

Birthday Wishes Inc. @birthdaysmatterDec 04

Help us teach the next generation the importance of giving back to others. Consider donating your birthday in 2019…

Birthday Wishes Inc. @birthdaysmatterNov 30

Thanks to generous donors, we surpassed our fundraising goal on #GivingTuesday to support the 5,500+ homeless child…

Birthday Wishes Inc. @birthdaysmatterNov 27

RT @bostonmamas: . @birthdaysmatter provides birthday parties to children experiencing homelessness #givingtuesday

Birthday Wishes Inc. @birthdaysmatterNov 27

For a child, even six months in a homeless shelter can feel like a lifetime. See how you can help give them a posit…

Birthday Wishes Inc. @birthdaysmatterNov 27

This holiday season, bring joy to the thousands of children celebrating birthdays in homeless shelters. Just $25 pr…

Birthday Wishes Inc. @birthdaysmatterNov 26

#GivingTuesday is tomorrow! We rely on donations to provide over 70 birthday parties each month. Help us celebrate…

Birthday Wishes Inc. @birthdaysmatterNov 23

We wrap and gift over 2,000 toys every month to homeless children. Take advantage of #BlackFriday deals on Amazon,…

Birthday Wishes Inc. @birthdaysmatterNov 22


Birthday Wishes Inc. @birthdaysmatterNov 20

Sharing the latest example of #kidshelpingkids from Birthday Wishes Long Island: Maisy and her parents celebrated h…

Birthday Wishes Inc. @birthdaysmatterNov 18

For homeless children, birthday parties are a luxury that neither the parent nor the shelter can afford. Our goal i…

Birthday Wishes Inc. @birthdaysmatterNov 17

Families experiencing homelessness are often unable, both economically and emotionally, to organize a party for the…

Birthday Wishes Inc. @birthdaysmatterNov 16

Research on child homelessness shows the importance of children having uplifting experiences while they are homeles…

Birthday Wishes Inc. @birthdaysmatterNov 15

Children in homeless families struggle in school, have a higher incidence of mental illness, and are sick 4x more f…

Birthday Wishes Inc. @birthdaysmatterNov 14

It's a challenging life for homeless families living in motels to get the services they need. We created our Birthd…

Birthday Wishes Inc. @birthdaysmatterNov 14

Eliminating homelessness is the ultimate goal, and we hope that someday there will be no need for our program. Howe…

Birthday Wishes Inc. @birthdaysmatterNov 13

Thank you to the Joshua Kaye Foundation for bringing party supplies and birthday gifts to our Newton office and hel…

Birthday Wishes Inc. @birthdaysmatterNov 13

Our focus is on enhancing the environment for children WHILE a family is homeless. Even six months in a shelter can…

Birthday Wishes Inc. @birthdaysmatterNov 12

We use birthday parties to help strengthen families in homeless shelters. Birthday parties establish and support fa…

Birthday Wishes Inc. @birthdaysmatterNov 09

He used his own savings to purchase Legos that we will give as birthday gifts to homeless children who otherwise m…

Birthday Wishes Inc. @birthdaysmatterNov 07

This world needs more super heroes! We've made some awesome updates to our school age Amazon Wishlist to include gi…


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