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Posted on 11th January 2013

"Dear Joshua,

Thank you so much for JChoice's donation of $100.00. Your support will help us meet our goal of providing thousands of children across the Commonwealth with the essentials they need to thrive.

A social service partner of ours told us about a young girl named Raquel who she desribed as 'sweet, respectful and a hardworking student. She faces many challenges at home including living in shelter, having a single mother who has a chronic illness, and being exposed to incidents of domestic violence from a young age.  Raquel's mother could not afford any essentials her daughter needed. Cradles to Crayons was able to provide clothes, shoes, books, and arts and crafts for this smart, creative child. In addition, Raquel received a birthday gift. This was the only gift she had received in several years. This made a big difference to the whole family.'"

All my best

Lynn Margherio

CEO & Founder

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